.: Question And Answer About PTC :.

What is PTC ?

PTC Meaning is paid to click. It’s an easiest way of Online Earning.
You can earn money by visiting the advertisement
And you gets the money by ALERTPAY


AlertPay and PayPal are the payment processing
solutions that
we use to pay members.
Your AlertPay or PayPal address is the e-mail address
you use to register with
AlertPay or PayPal.
You can get a free AlertPay account by click below banner.

You Must Have a AlertPay Account !!!

Instructions For Joining PTC Sites

You need a spam free email account for your own use. I mean not your main e-mail. This e-mail id should your secondary or Earn and Pay Related E-mail. Make a new email account for your online earning from gmail/hotmail/yahoo/email/other
You need to make your free personal online payment processor account for receiving money from earning website. Online payment processor will collect your money from your earning website and by your request online payment processor account will send payment check to your postal address. Here you need to make a free Alertpay personal pro account. To make it totally free. You will get 3 types Alertpay account.1) Personal 2) Personal pro starter-Second type of Alertpay account (This is required) 3) Upgraded account. This is better to make personal pro account for you. Because this type of account is secured from spammer and cheaters and moreover from hacker. So start making you Alertpay account freely and select the second option (personal pro starter) from the registration or sign up page. Your spam free email account will be Alertpay account id. Alertpay gives their customer id by their email address. Start from here. Fill Up the Form then Next Click.

Finally you need some reliable and trusted PTC sites to join and
for visiting ads.
You simply free join with any PTC site by your spam free email account
and with your personal pro Alertpay email account.
After successful registration with any PTC site.
u simply login yourself and after login
u will click surf ads/view ads section for visiting ads.
At surf ads page u will get some text link ads for visiting.
Every ad has a unique value and every ad will open in a new window
after your click. The ad will stay there for 30 seconds and after 30 seconds
u will get a confirmation word and a confirmation mark.
Remember both should be needed
(A confirmation mark on a confirmation word).
Like Done\.After getting done and \ or tick mark u shall simply
close that page and u will open the next text link ads.
In this way you will visit all the ads for that day one after one and
after finishing all u will refresh that page for any other extra link.
If none then simply go to your my starts page and
select the referral link and copy that
for your personal referral system.
U will also see your stats from that page
(how much u earned from that day).
If you think your earning is less then u need
to join more and more reliable and trusted sites
or from one site u need to refer more and more
peoples in a secured system.

Here are Example:
You visit 10 ads from 1 website = 10 x $0.01= $0.10
You visit 10 ads from 10 websites= 10 x 10 x $0.01= $1.00 is your regular earning
You visit 10 ads from 10 websites for 30 days(1 month)=10 x 10x 30 x $0.01= $30.00

On the another way if u refer more people for 1 site then see an
You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

Now you have to need to join more and reliable trusted PTC sites
which are regularly paying much more members worldwide.
Here you gets some reliable and trusted PTC site
links for your personal use. You simply clicks any link to register.

Best Trusted PTC List

You all PTC List site member. Just Benner Click then Form the Fill Up.

NEOBUX Most Paying And Trusted PTC site

Your Per Click = $0.01
Referrals Per Click= $0.01
Instant Payment = $50.00
Your Per Click = $0.010
Referrals Per Click= $0.005
Instant Payment = $2.00

Your Per Click = $1.00
Referrals Per Click= 50%
Payout = $1000.00

Your Per Click = $1.00
Referrals Per Click= 50%
Payout = $1000.00

Your Per Click = $0.10
Referrals Per Click= 50%
Payout = $100.00


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